Success at Pathfinder

  • Pathfinder School Testimonials

A testimonial from a Pathfinder student's parent.
  • “I could never express how grateful I am to each and every staff member at Pathfinder School. Twelve years ago, this school, along with  all of its loving staff, provided a safe and loving environment for Samantha to grow and learn! Once again, thank you to the teachers, educators, nurses and staff at Pathfinder School!”
    -- Leslie Konyk, Pathfinder parent

    “Sarah Dorning graduated from Pathfinder in 2000 and has many wonderful and warm memories of that important school. She loved Pathfinder and, as her parent, I found it was vital in her learning experience. It helped her develop as a person in spite of her disabilities. We were both proud to be a part of its community. The teachers, staff and all concerned with the school were devoted educators who truly cared for their students. I do hope it continues in the future.”
    -- Pat Dorning, Pathfinder parent

    “Pathfinder means a lot to me because everyone is very nice to me.

    I like it because everyone is like me: they have some learning problems, but that does not mean that we can’t get through it. It does not mean we are not smart because we are smart; so don’t let them bring you down.

    People tell me, ‘Oh, well. You’re not going to make it in life.’ But that pushes me to do my best to prove them wrong and to show them how smart I am.

    I like it because I help my friends in class to do their work, just like they help me, too, by being nice to me and making me laugh. The teachers are just amazing and they really care about us -- and they like to have fun, too. They make us laugh!”
    -- Matthew, Pathfinder student

    "Pathfinder changed Kody's life! The teachers and staff are like family ❤ He used to be a shy kid that would barely interact. Now, Kody talks to everyone and is involved in tons of activities including basketball, swimming, boys club, student council and more! He goes on outings every week and learned how to get to classes on his own with a schedule (including using elevator). Transferring schools was the absolute BEST decision I have ever made for Kody!"
    -- Kim Conley, Pathfinder parent

    "I want to say how much Hannah enjoys going to your program every day. Even her bad days are good days. What you have created in your school is life-changing."

    -- Connie, Pathfinder parent