PA 21st Century Evaluation Tools and Resources

  • Grantees can access recorded 21st CCLC evaluation-related webinars at Pennsylvania's 21st Century State Website.


    March 4, 2021 UPDATE: Information and tools are in the process of being updated to reflect new federal GPRA measures and data collection/reporting protocols.  Old information and formats are provided for reference only.  Grantees should check back regularly for updates.

  • Data Safeguarding

    **IMPORTANT**  Data Safeguarding and Parent Data Permission forms: while it is important to have such forms in place, it is even more important to actually be following protocols related to student data security.  Be sure that your program and your staff are aware of FERPA practices and requirements. 
    Data Safeguarding Statement Template [MS Word]
    Student Data Permission Form Template [MS Word] 

  • Student Data Tools

    Student Daily Program Attendance Tracking Tool [MS Excel] 


    The Student Information Tracking Workbook is available in 2 forms, a locked and an unlocked version.  The locked data sheet version is better suited for staff with limited Excel skills, while the unlocked version is intended to be used by local evaluators and those individuals familiar with more advanced Excel functions and formulas.  The unlocked version allows the user more flexibility; however, it is also more vulnerable to accidental deletions and overwrites that are needed for the autoanalysis functions to work properly.  The analysis tabs remain locked in both versions.

    Update March 2021: Please note that 21st Century's GPRAs are changing.  New forms will be coming to better align with expected changes in 21APR reporting.  The forms below align with current expectations, not the new GPRAs.  More information coming soon.

    Student Information Tracking Workbook - LOCKED Data Sheet [MS Excel] 

    Student Information Tracking Workbook - UNLOCKED Data Sheet [MS Excel] 

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