About Us | Mon Valley School 2021

  • Mon Valley Fast Facts

    Teacher reading to student

    Want to know more about our special education school? We've got you covered. From our excellent staff-to-student ratio to the numerous programs and services available to our students with special needs, Mon Valley School has so much to offer. Get a snapshot of our educational offerings below. For more information and to contact us, visit the Mon Valley main page

  • Dedicated Programs


    • Emotional Support
    • Autistic Support
    • Life Skills
    • Physical Support


    • Auto Tech
    • Food Service
    • Material Handling
    • Building and Grounds
    • IPM
    • Computer Science
    • Nursing Aide
  • Numerous Specials and Amenities

    • STEAM
    • Physical Education
    • Health 
    • Music
    • Art
    • Home Economics
    • Indoor/Outdoor Sensory Areas
    • Positive Behavior Support Lab
    • Media Center

  • Principal's Message

    Welcome to Mon Valley School!

    We are excited and honored to have you and your child as part of the Mon Valley family. We recently welcomed Mr. Timothy Fabrizi as the new assistant principal of Mon Valley. He began his tenure mid-October and is working diligently to know and understand the needs of the entire school, and all the individual students. If you have not already met him, please consider coming by the school. We always welcome engaging with you regarding your student.

    I would like to highlight some of the incredible things the students and staff of Mon Valley School have accomplished:

    • Work placement opportunities are in full swing and we have about 40 students working and learning job skills in nearby businesses.Dowell
    • Mon Valley opened a new vocational program -- computer science -- and students have learned how to code, work with technology, and have started some advanced graphics, as well as marketing and design projects. 
    • Staff are working diligently on building and updating curricular resources for our emotional support program. 
    • All school members have been instrumental in our continued rollout of the school-wide positive behavior support program. We have built a lab, run by students, for students who exhibit positive behaviors. 
    • Our students have attended Camp Guyasuta for Boy Scouts; competed in multiple basketball and football games against other schools; our cheerleaders recently attended a cheerleading camp; and we hosted our annual Harvest Festival to celebrate fall. 
    • On top of this, all students and staff continue to work hard to build the academic and social skills needed to become as independent as possible and allow our students to become productive members of society. 

    I am proud of all they have accomplished. We look forward to continuing to build these skills, introduce more activities and allow our children to grow socially, emotionally and academically. Whether you are looking at Mon Valley School for full-time or vocational placements, we strive to help students find a passion and joy in whatever they would like to pursue. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 412-469-2551.

    Dr. Richard Dowell